Taxi Licence Assemessments

Getting your new taxi drivers licence

Taxi driver licensing is a function provided by the district council for the area in which you wish to operate. Part of the requirement is to pass a practical ‘taxi driver assessment’ which is carried out in your car out on the road.

Typically these will last for an hour with around 45 minutes of driving. As a potential new taxi driver you will already be expected to be a safe, experienced and competent driver so this assessment does not include any element of tuition. The assessment will be carried out by a licensed DVSA fleet trainer and they will observe your general driving and provide a limited amount of direction on where to go and what they wish you to do. This will not be detailed information however and how you go about achieving what you are asked to do will be up to you. The assessor will make notes throughout and at the end of the assessment you will be informed if you have passed or failed and given a short debrief. you will then be issued with a pass of fail certificate as appropriate.

Whilst the actual assessment cannot contain any level of instruction we do offer practice sessions and mock assessments to maximise your chances of passing. We will be happy to discuss this with drivers or firms allowing you to make the best decision as to how you would like to proceed. Confident drivers, or those re-applying for a licence, can go straight into the assessment. Those who are less experienced or who maybe get nervous during assessments can book a lesson or two or maybe just a mock test so they can help allay the nerves by being more aware of what will be expected of .them during their actual assessment.

We are happy to offer discounted rates for the assessment for those who book extra sessions. We are also happy to discuss group discounts for taxi firms.

For more information or an informal chat about our services please give us a call on 0800 368 961.