Drink-Drive Rehabilitation Courses

Who are Safer Driving Education Ltd.?

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Safer Driving Education are a Limited Company (company number: 15125769), we are fully approved by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to offer Drink-Drive Rehabilitation courses on behalf of the HM courts. Our DVSA Approved Centre No is AC02632. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO Reg Number: ZB616505) to ensure we are fully compliant with the GDPR . 

How it works

If you are convicted of drink-driving, or a related offence, then the courts may offer you the chance of completing a Drink Drive Rehabilitation (DDR) course which if successfully completed will reduce the length of your ban by up to 25%

When you are sentenced tell the court you would like to complete your course with Safer Driving Education Ltd. and the court will send us your details.

The court will also inform you of the date your course must be completed by. It is vital that you ensure you have successfully completed your course before this date to allow us to process your paperwork and send the court your completion certificate. If this doesn’t happen before the completion date you have been given by the courts then you will not be able to get your ban reduced as there is no way of either ourselves, DVSA or the courts changing this date. 

Once you have been sentenced and requested us as your course provider give us a call within a few days to arrange a course that best suits your needs and availability. We offer an early booking discount (£144 for a course, rather than the full price of £160) for those who book and pay for their course within 2 weeks of being sentenced. We also offer an instalment plan which can be tailored to your particular circumstances. The full cost of a course using an instalment plan is £180 (to cover our extra administration costs) but for those with longer bans the fee can be as little as £7.50 per month which is currently the lowest available from any provider.

Will I be offered a course?

If it is your first conviction then you will almost certainly be offered a course. If you have previous convictions or you are a High Risk Offender (HRO) then it will be down to the judge or magistrate to decide if they feel the offer of another course may be beneficial in reducing your risk of reoffending.

Details of pricing, booking and our courses

For details of these please see our Pricing and Booking page