Drink Drive Course Price and Booking

Pricing and Options

Our standard course fee is £160. For those booking and paying in full within 14 days of being sentenced we offer an early booking discount of 10% meaning the total fee payable will be £144.

We also offer instalment plans tailored to you needs and circumstances. You can chose the length that suits you from between 3 and 24* months. We charge an admin fee of £20 on all of our instalment plans but for those taking the 24 month option the fee payable is only £7.50 per month.

* Please Note: all instalment plans must be fully paid at least 1 month before your course is due to start. For those sentenced to shorter bans your course completion date (and how quickly you book your course with us) will determine the maximum length of time you can chose for your instalment plan. For example: if you are sentenced to a 12 month ban and have a completion date to successfully pass you drink-drive rehabilitation course of 9 months, if you book within a few weeks of being sentenced you could chose a maximum of 7 months instalments to ensure you are fully paid up at least a month before the course starts.

We also have a number of courses available from £90 for those experiencing genuine financial hardship. If you feel this applies to you please speak to us to see if we can help.

About our Courses

Drink-drive rehabilitation courses are 3 full days in length. The law governing these states they cannot be completed on consecutive days but each of the days must be a week apart. This means that you cannot complete a course on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of a single week, instead the courses are on (for example) 3 consecutive Saturdays. The courses usually run from 09:00 to 15:30 (9am to 3:30pm) on all 3 of the days. There will be morning and afternoon comfort breaks as well as a longer break for lunch. In total you will receive a minimum of 16 hours training over the days.

Locations of Courses

We run courses at locations throughout Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire as well as online via the Zoom platform which are available to clients from anywhere. The courses are exactly the same in terms of number of days, length of time and material presented regardless of whether they are in a classroom or online. It is completely down to the client as to which method they prefer. Our classroom courses are all selected to be close to public transport (train and/or bus) links for ease of access. 

See our Available Courses page for details of our currently available courses.


All of our courses – online and in a classroom – cost £160.

We offer an early booking discount 0f 10% for clients who book and pay within 2 weeks of their sentencing date. This brings the cost down to £144 for a course.

We also offer an instalment plan which can be tailored to your particular circumstances. The full cost of a course using an instalment plan is £180 (to cover our extra administration costs) but for those with longer bans the fee can be as little as £7.50 per month which is currently the lowest available from any provider.

How to Book a Course

We offer booking via this website: please see Available Courses for details of the current courses and to book online.

You can also book by telephone via our freephone booking number: 0800 368 9616. If you book by telephone you can either pay by bank transfer or we will send you a secure payment link to pay by credit/debit card ). 

For those wishing to pay by monthly instalments this will be by direct debit.

Refund Policy

Changing to another course or requesting a refund

We will move you to a different course to the one you booked if you decide another one is more convenient for you. You can also request a refund but both of these options are subject to the fees payable as below:

If this is done more than 2 months before the original course is due to start we will refund the money you have paid less a £20 admin fee.

If it is done between 1 and 2 months before the original course is due to start we will refund the money you have paid less a £50 admin fee.

If it is done within 1 month of the course starting there will be no refund. If you wish to sign onto a different course you will have to pay for the new course in full.